The Fight For Justice Does Not Stop At One


The gift of equality is seldom


There are certain inalienable rights every man and woman are entitled to - regardless of race, religion, or creed. We have fought on behalf of the discriminated and now fight for a safer, more responsible gun owning country.

The man who beat the KKK now fights the NRA.

Our founder Morris Dees, the most renowned civil rights lawyer in the world, is bringing the fight to gun ownership and bringing down the entities that represent the gun manufacturers, rather than the citizens they supposedly protect.


A legacy that is defined by the fight for the civil liberties of all people. We fight today, as we did in the past, for the equal rights of all citizens.
Morris Dees, winner of countless humanitarian and civil awards for his dedication to the fight of civil liberties, heads our charge to combat modern injustice.
The man that took on the KKK now fights the NRA and several other domestic terrorist organizations.
Civil injustice takes different forms across the decades 


The fight for criminal rights is one defined by reform - not damnation. Our fight for criminal rights is to rehabilitate those that need it most.

Morris Dees was, and still is, a huge proponent of rehabilitation and change. Through our work and our foundation we are giving those wrongfully convicted or looking to change a second chance.

Donate now to keep defining a legacy dedicated to change.
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