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Progress in Numbers

How far we have come and how far we have to go

Women in workplace

In 1966 the number was 31.5%, today women make up almost half the workforce.

Black Americans in workplace

Number projected to grow to 36M by 2026.

Black Americans receive college degree

This number is up from 4% in 1964.

Black Americans with high school diploma

This number is up from 27% in 1964
Gender Inequality:

Despite overall increases in participation rates for women in the workplace, a glass ceiling still exists. Data suggests that women continue to experience occupational segregation in nontraditional jobs and men make approximately 20k more per year.

Women still file 74.4% of sexual harassment claims.
Racial Inequality

While Black Americans now make up a larger majority of the workforce, and a larger portion of the population recieves college degrees and high school diplomas, the numbers are still not equal to their white counterparts

Addressing Gender and Racial Discrimination

After the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, Morris Dees noted Black Americans were still excluded from good jobs, quality education and a range of other opportunities.

Dees sold his book publishing business to practice Civil Rights Law and did so successfully with far-reaching effects.

These Morris Dees cases have helped women and Black Americans march out of poverty and into the workplace over the past 50 years.

Dothard v. Rawlinson

The U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for women to be hired for law enforcement jobs, traditionally held by men.


Smith v. YMCA

A federal court ruled that the YMCA must end its policy of racial discrimination, and integrated the recreational facility.

Nowak v. Foster

Dees helped to reform Kentucky's tax system, changing a coal-mining tax exemption while providing a boost for public schools.

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